Bethania Moravian Church was founded in 1759 and is part of the Southern Province of the Moravian Church. The Southern Province is a small but very important part of a larger whole—the Unitas Fratrum, a worldwide church whose roots trace back to the mid-1400s in Europe.  

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​​​At Bethania Moravian Church, we try to offer opportunities for all ages.  

Bethania Moravian Church

What the Moravian Church Believes

The Moravian Church has stood for basic religious principles for more than 500 years. Through these years the church has often put into written form the precepts of its faith and practice in what is known as the Covenant for Christian Living.

Moravians recognize the example of Christ’s life and proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord. Living the Christian life depends not only on our own effort, but upon God our Father, who in Jesus Christ accepts us as heirs of God and strengthens and sustains us.

To be a body of Christ, a living witness of His grace and salvation. It's objective is to achieve Christian growth, spiritually and physically, according to the teachings of his holy word and according to the doctrines and practices of the Moravian Church.