Lucch Today 

Breakfast tomorrow 

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Choir Rehearsals


Choir rehearsals are 
​Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Bethania Moravian Donation Form 
The Moravian Ministries Foundation has provided a safe online website for giving donations to Bethania. You can make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment.


 ​Youth Group

meets Sundays

5:00 - 7:00​pm


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Kid's Club

meets Sundays, 

 5:00 - 7:00pm

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Youth Group Fundraiser: Pancake Dinner

On February 23rd at 5:00pm, the Senior High Youth will hold an all-you-can-eat pancake dinner as a fundraiser for Mission Camp at Laurel Ridge.

Tickets will be on sale through February 16th for $5.00 per ticket.

Make checks payable to Bethania Moravian Youth.

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Making Candles!

Monday (Feb. 10th) and Tuesday (Feb. 11th) will be set-up days.

Wednesday (Feb. 12th) and Thursday (Feb. 13th) will be candle making days. Lunch will be provided both of these days.

Friday (Feb. 14th) will be an off day.

Saturday (Feb. 15th), the WF Circle 2 will be making candles. Monday, (Feb. 17th) will be clean-up day. 

Please come and help if you can.

Bethania Moravian Church

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News on the 2018 Synod

For available news on the Synod results,

1: click here ​  and   2: click here

Check these links often   As new information becomes available, these web site links will be updated 

Keep our newly elected PEC members in prayer

 Help us support the Birthing  and Layette Kit Project for Honduras and Tanzania.  Items needed: soap, latex gloves, gauze, sterile blades, string,

plastic sheets, zip lock bags (1 gal), suit cases, cloth diapers, onesies,

socks, hats, blankets, bibs, and pacifiers etc.Bring donated items to the church. When there are no meetings, the office, during office hours . 

For Birthing Kit information, click:  Birthing Kit

For information on Layette Kit:      Layette Kit