Bethania Moravian Church

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Message from David Merritt

July and August…

I am glad to have the chance to think theologically about these two hot months in the calendar. In the first place, we need these two months. God created our world to have Seasons. July and August represent the summer season. Secondly, they are often the times when we are open to God doing something new in our lives. Vacations, Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp(s), social and class meetings…along with family gatherings can be places where God might speak a word of wisdom and insight to our souls. For me the Camp I call Laurel Ridge has a place of spiritual significance. High on the mountain, I find I can “see clearly now” the ways of God as I quiet my life, my soul and my activities.

We welcome you to Bethania Moravian Church for a summer “check-up” or just a respite from the hectic pace of the fall months. Inside you will meet fellow travelers and spiritual residents who like you are trying to seek God in worship, education, fellowship and service opportunities. Bethania offers a great deal in terms of fun (Cruise-In Gatherings/Vacation Bible School) and direct/divine inspiration. Yes, we are sinners saved by grace but, we know that God through Jesus can help us in our individual journeys. If you are looking for an honest place for discovery and discipleship, then join us in worship and fellowship each week.

One final thought…Each summer when I was a child, I look forward to taking off my shoes and getting my feet tough and ready for my summer-time barefoot encounters. At first, my feet hurt a great deal. I had to work a lot just to get them ready for the heat, abuse and rocks of summer. As the months progressed, I was able to run across our graveled driveway at “runnin’speed”and not hurt my toes or heels. In a special way, I need the summer months to help me develop my spiritual feet for those encounters with the Savior as well. I need the Holy Spirit to give my soul some toughness and resilience as I face life’s challenges. I think we all need some help in that department too?

Seeking Jesus during July and August 2017…


Pastor David