Bethania Moravian Church

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Message from David Merritt

September Thoughts…

I have come to a milestone of sorts this year of 2017. It may be simple to say but harder to do in human terms. Simply put: “Let your gift to God be yourself.” In other words, we often try to imagine a way in which to increase our witness in the church through programs, services and a multitude of activities. Those methods are necessary to do the church’s work. However, the truth is that People move other People by their acts of kindness, concern, compassion and generosity. In July and August I have seen “first hand” how a single person can make a difference in the life faithful obedience to God.

We collected spoons in August to replenish our supply in the kitchen. At least 81 spoons were collected as a show of hospitality. We received memorials and gifts to further the work of Christ in our church and community. In addition, many people stepped up to give back to others in our special worship services, VBS, camps, outreach in Boy Scouts, camp scholarships for children and youth, repair and cleaning of our church, support and commitment to ongoing ministries in our outreach programs. Each person gave the gift of themselves to God as a way to share Jesus’ love.

As we move now into another time and season here at Bethania, we encourage you to live into your faith in Christ through personal giving and personal witness to God’s unchanging love. Spread God’s love by loving first yourself, and then God and your neighbor. Don’t let your past become your destiny or your “self-limitation.” Be the gift of God for a world in need of Good News. Let your light shine so that others may offer praise to God.

Pastor David