Did you say, November?

Well it may be November, but I’m not ready. I have a suspicion that you might not be ready either. There have been weddings, family gatherings, hello’s and goodbye’s, church events and even an occasional trip to the Doctor...it’s an age-related thing.

November is in essence a time to give thanks to our Creator God and to raise our voices in song to the Lord of Generosity. In our daily work and our faithful service, Generosity is a central theme in what it means to be a Believer. God is generous to us in sending food and shelter, health and family, truth and beauty and His Son as the gift for the world.

In return we are called to be generous to God and to others in need in our larger world. So, in the work of the church, believers are called to offer our first fruits to God and His Kingdom. Then in our daily affairs, we live into our faith by serving others, providing resources to people in need, being the Gospel of Restoration to those in our community.

Welcome to our new web site and to our church in November. Join us for worship, Thanksgiving Eve Lovefeast, Holy Communion and then the First Sunday in Advent. All in all, it’s looking to be a great month here at Bethania Moravian.

Y’all Come!

Message from David Merritt

Bethania Moravian Church