Bethania Moravian Church

The Bethania Moravian Church congregation is one of many best kept secrets in the Moravian Church, Southern Province. Nestled within the quiet community of historic Bethania, this lovely church resides simply as a light beaming Christ’s love. With gladness it is known to be a neighbor congregation to neighbors as well as an outreach partner with Winston-Salem ministries.

One of our most recent visitors, a young man in his seventies, shared that it is one of the friendliest churches he has attended in the whole of his lifetime. What affirmative feedback to receive from a returning guest and fellow Christian! I lift up his descriptor to you because as a newcomer, too, I agree and believe “friendly” is a value which expresses the warmth of the people. I would add that there is a spark of calmness, a healthy spirit of peacefulness, and a contagious zestfulness in the gathering of those who lighten our doorsteps and doors. As it was and remains so, the word Bethania means Bethany—one of the places our Lord Jesus loved to go and visit in the home of his dear friends; for, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived there (Luke 10:38-42).

Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house!’ Luke 10:5 

In Christ,

Judy M. Knopf
Interim Pastor

Bethania Moravian Church

Peace to This House

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