Bethania Moravian Church

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Message from David Merritt

The weather is certainly a topic of conversation around our Dinner Table these days. It seems with warmer days one day and a dip in the thermometer the next; we are not sure what Season it really is. How about you?

The Seasons of the Church Year move from the Season of Epiphany in February to the Season of Lent in March. Lent, or the lengthening of days, will focus our attention upon the Cross of Jesus and His Death and Resurrection. Epiphany really focuses on our “outward expression” of the Good News of Christ’s Birth and the Light of Christ. These seasons, like the seasons of the earth, remind us all that our God is in charge and that regardless of the weather, God is: constant, a Rock, the Center of the Universe and the “Great Master Designer.”

We invite you to join us for Sunday School and Worship each week as we explore the meaning of these Seasons and offer our praise and thanksgiving to God. It is the mission of the church to reach within God’s Word to grow and then reach out to others to share God’s Love! In addition to worship and education, there are many different ways that you can participate in our church through small group meetings, Youth Events, Scouts, Fellowship and of course Outside Service to the community.

Bethania has a rich history but an even brighter future which can include you and your family. If you want to know more about us, just check out our web site and visit us when you are in the area. We hope that your journey of faith will bring you through our doors in the near future. So, regardless of the weather outside, the church is a warm, inviting place where we can grow in faith, in purpose and Vision.

Pastor David