Bethania Moravian Church

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Easter is “a way” of living…

When Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem, he received a double gift. In the form of a colt and donkey, Jesus embraced not only his Kingship but also the Title: The Prince of Peace! He ushered in a week that we speak of as Holy Week.

Easter then, I submit, begins on a street when the disciples untie the animals for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Easter continues as Jesus is raised from death and enters the “streets” again as the Resurrected Savior of the World. In the street lingo of our day, Jesus is not just a person of history, he is real, he is Savior and he is The Way.

And so we celebrate Easter as a way in which the church and its members reach beyond the structures of church to be church to others. At Bethania, we share God’s Love through Jesus in a variety of ways: worship, education, youth ministry, quilting, fellowship, service, camping and outreach with food, shelter and acts of compassion.

Come and experience Jesus as the way in which you may connect with God’s Love and find hope for the future. If in the world you have trouble, Jesus tells his disciples, remember that they hated me too. Hatred and Fear are defeated by love, hope and kindness. Join us as we together face the darkness of the world with a new “way” of being the church.

Pastor David

Message from Pastor David Merritt