Bethania Moravian Church

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Message from David Merritt

May Thoughts…

If you have ever noticed, May is a wonderful time to plant and renew your connection God’s Wonderful Earth. In the month of May, we begin to see the early results of planting seedlings and the beginning of growth for all things “garden.” May means more sun, longer days, higher temperatures and even an occasional thunder shower or two.

Within the church, May is a wonderful time to ask some basic questions about our growth potential in the things of God. For instance…where have you seen God today (we call these ‘God sightings’)? Are you involved in a deepening spiritual discipline like intercessory prayer, Bible Reading or just simply hanging out with other Believers? Have you found a good book to read that allows you to hear the Gospel from another point of view? Perhaps, May is a time when you plant a new way of connecting with God…like digging in the dirt, spending time in Nature, tending to your shrubs and plants in the yard or even trying to figure out what bird is the tree next to your window.

Remember God has made us to care for this earth and to sense His Personal Touch upon everything that God has made. So when you grow in faith and grow in the dirt, you can find a wonderful resource in your spiritual life. Yes, pray without ceasing and care for the world and your spiritual life as if your life depended upon it. Here is hoping you have a glorious time for growth in your gardens and in your Soul.


David Merritt