Celebrating our Heritage…

In our tradition as Moravian's, we have lived and worked in a variety of countries throughout the world. Zinzendorf was a pioneer in the Ecumenical Movement. Comenius, a Bishop and Educator, offered the world a glimpse of the Life of faith from a global perspective. Mission minded folks; both lay and clergy, saw few boundaries in the world of nations to limit their work in sharing the Gospel in far-away places such as Africa, India, the Caribbean and Russia.

In our country, we have rights and responsibilities, as people governed by laws and by our three branches of government. As Moravian's and People of Faith, we make it our aim to live in harmony with God and others and at peace with our government and leaders. This July, we pray for peace and for justice, for mercy and quiet resolve, for wisdom for all in authority and sound judgement. To quote a recent publication, The Foundation of our Faith by Kevin Frack: “Rather than detracting from the political process, we deem it a privileged Christian responsibility to be active in voting our conscience in all elections…”

This July, we celebrate our Nation’s Independence and our freedom of expression both as citizens and as Christians. We humbly offer our prayers for all who serve in leadership, our military and First Responder's, our local leaders and our civil servants in villages and cities throughout North America. May the faith of both our Mothers and Fathers lead us to bolder expressions of God’s Love for the World.

Pastor David

Bethania Moravian Church

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Message from Pastor David Merritt